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It's A Gallery is returning to Blackpool for 2019. In a new space kindly donated by the Winter Gardens and in a prime spot in St. Johns Square right in the heart of Blackpool town centre, Arrested ReDevelopment will be aiming to showcase more local independent art with a series of exhibitions.

The first exhibition will show work from a number of diverse artists from different backgrounds and working in many different mediums including fine art, photography, ceramics, digital, and collage.

Artists exhibiting will be John Marc Allen, John Bentham, Dylan Cross, Jacquie Cross, Jimi Francis, Ryan Green, Richard Jon, Mathew Jones, Libby Nightingale, Robin Ross, Marianne van Loo, Elizabeth Ward. This exhibition opens on Friday 26th July.

Future exhibitions will include a showcase of female graduate photographers which will run alongside the Royal Photographic Society's Hundred Heroines exhibition Arrested ReDevelopment is proudly collaborating on at HIVE Blackpool.

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It’s A Gallery was a pop up exhibition space in an empty retail space at 34 Talbot Road, Blackpool. The project was run by creative organisation Arrested ReDevelopment as part of their drive to give local independent artists the opportunity to exhibit work and utilise empty spaces in the area.

The space was open from Thursday 30th November 2017 and was open for nearly 12 months. 

Some of the artists exhibiting included David Hargreaves, Rachel Joy, Al Richard, Julie Robinson-Southward, Kate Yates, Dawn Mander, Mathew Jones, Richard Hardwick, John Marc Allen, Richard Jon, Jill Reidy, Seca One, Robin Ross, Richard Hone, Marianne Van Loo, Colin Shorrock, Juliette Gregson, Oi Doris, Sam Simpson, Lewis Havill, John Bentham, Caran Caravan, Gabriella Eastwood, David Simper, Stephen Heatley, Caroline Guilfoyle, Elizabeth Ward, Suzanne Pinder, Monika Mrozowska, Beata Kuczyńska, Brian Hughes, Jimi Derbyshire

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Proceeds from a sale of art work donated to It's A Gallery were given to the Amazing Graze Soup Kitchen( a local disability fund. Proceeds from the sales of a book by Marianne van Loo also went to Amazing Graze.