The Herrods Xmas Bizarre is the brainchild of London based artist Agent Provocateur. He has curated the Herrods pop up in various locations around London, showcasing work from a number of renowned urban and street arists. He allowed us to expand and set up a Blackpool franchise of the Herrods Xmas Bizarre, Arrested ReDevelopment’s first project.

The idea behind the show was to take a disused space, in this case a closed down cafe in the centre of Blackpool, and re-purpose it as a pop up art gallery.

Part of the original thinking of the Arrested ReDevelopment project was taking empty or abandoned spaces and bringing them to life with some art, to show the proprietors, the public, and future investors what could be done in the space.

A number local artists exhibited work for the two weeks before Xmas 2015.

Working alongside the Winter Gardens Blackpool, who own the space , we showed what can be done in a short time frame with a small budget.

Since the show the space has been let to two other tenants, both of whom have used the space to display art.

Artists: Robin Ross, John Marc Allen, Dawn Mander, Anna Paprzycka, Beata Kuczyńska, Monika Mrozowska, Elizabeth Ward, Agent Provocateur